Fundamentals-BASED Approach

We recognize a fundamental difference between carrier networks and municipal, or government, networks.

At Lightcore Group, we appreciate the value that a municipally-owned network can bring to a community.  Moreover, we don't think that that value is any more trivial than clean water, reliable power, and safety.

A municipality's purpose is not focused on a specific target-market within its jurisdiction, it is about all of its citizens, all of the time, and validation is predicated on the perception of opportunity to lifestyle afforded, by those citizens, of the political and administrative platform in office.
A for-profit business, in the best possible situation, is focused on their customers' happiness, which is primarily validated through profit.
The dichotomy is that the governance, sustainability, and capital cycles operate on and in polar-opposite paradigms. Mixing the two will rarely be a solution, but rather a push-pull relationship with completely different market drivers; one being political pressures, the other private-market pressures.  In a worst-case scenario, it will be a lobbying and unfair advantage relationship that can only end in scandal.

Our "Supportive" Philosophy

In some cases, a municipality will need to take action to ensure that the essential service of equal-opportunity of equal-access to the digital economy is being delivered within their jurisdiction when private industry is not meeting the needs of the citizens.  We support this.

In most cases, a municipality that takes the initiative of Connected Community as a mandate will find that the easiest traction is realized through a partnership between incumbents, innovators, and disruptors.  In these cases, the municipality typically remains neutral to the service layer, but enables all market providers and consumers to have equal access to opportunities afforded by FTTx connectivity.  We orchestrate this.

In all cases, a municipality must define governance and policy that will enable immediate, as well as multi-generational, value.  We strongly believe that all evidence and logic shows that simple economic and technical feasibility will not suffice in getting a successful community network in place.  The best method is to engage an organization like Lightcore Group to guide you through the questions you should first be asking, and to help you decipher and build on the answers you receive from administrative and citizenry stakeholders.

Our Municipal FTTH feasibility method is acronym'ed S.T.E.L.E.  We excel at this method:

  • Social Feasibility
  • Technical Feasibility
  • Economic Feasibility
  • Legal Feasibility; and
  • Environmental Feasibility

Our Key Offerings

  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Feasibility & Strategy
  • FTTx Funding & Financing
  • Engineering & Design
  • Construction Program Oversight & Stakeholder Alignment
  • Installation & Repair of Customer-Facing Infrastructure, Equipment, and Services
  • Network Operations Center, Customer Service, and Marketing & Sales Support
  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Our Key Areas of Innovation

Our aspects of expertise that are applied across all key offerings listed above.

  • Fiber-to-the-Everything (FTTx) - With over 100 years of combined experience and impact on over 1 Million homes connected, our expertise encompasses all aspects of fiber optics, from cable design to customization of CPE and services,
  • SmartCity, Intelligent Communities - One of the best ways for a municipality to build up its citizen-loyalty, economic advantage, and innovative depth is to encourage, foster, and engage your own developer community through eGovernment API's, code examples, and hacker friendly environments.  Those that help build your community value, to satiate their own passions, are your greatest investors and greatest banner wavers in the digital economy.
  • Partnerships and Ecosystems for Success - The truth is that launching an ISP in any municipality of any size is generally going to be facing a large uphill battle against bundled services from other providers.  We make the process as strategically purposeful as necessary to get the best outcome for the citizens.